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Stitching Away at the Sampler

Hello everyone, I hope you have had a great week crafting at what makes you happy, I have and I am still stitching away at my turtle’s pace on the Lord’s Prayer Sampler. I’m sure turtles must have better eye sight than I do LOL. But its about making some sort of progress …right?   I had to look back in my posts and it was the end of May when I last posted about this cross stitch project, WOW it has been a while and other sewing projects have come and gone and its time I focused ( pardon the pun) on my cross stitch. To say I will have it finished before the end of this year, is a stretch. I’m content just to be working on it again 🙂 This is stage 6 and part of stage 7 or from here on out I will dub my cross stitch as “Current Progress”  yes  I think that will keep me going 🙂  The sampler is half way finished now…whew …but I did say I would not put it away in a drawer, I will finish it.!

I’ve included a couple of photos. The first one is where I last left off in May and the other photo of what I have accomplished in the last couple of weeks. Its up up and away to the top of the pillars and oh my the next step is a big one.

Stage 5 of Lords Prayer Sampler

Stage 5 of Lords Prayer Sampler


Sampler in Progress

Sampler in Progress



I hope you all have a wonderful week , stay warm and happy crafting




November 22, 2014 · 5:00 AM


Hello everyone. I hope you’ve had a warm and cozy day in the sewing room. I’ve have ! 🙂 I have also been inspired by the beautiful cross stitch projects I have seen by fellow bloggers, Sewing Beside the Sea and Claire93’s Blog . Cross stitch is something that I haven’t picked up in years, although I still have a number of books and leaflets that I tell myself “some day”. I especially like samplers, and have made a few over the years. A lot of the pieces I have stitched have gone as gifts. Which got me thinking about the kit that I bought…3 or 4 years ago. Wow has it been that long?  Well this seems like a good winter to get those kinds of to dos off my list. So I decided to check out the link for Ink Circles and found a great freebie when you sign up. This will be perfect to practise on, to see if I still have the eyes (so to speak) for doing cross stitch.

practise cross stitch

practise cross stitch

Well I’m finding out that it’s going to take me a long time to finish the kit but I really want to do this. I am happy about the morning light that comes into the sewing room, that’s going to be the best time for me to work on this particular craft. I’m going along quite slowly, compared to the pace I used to keep, but then overall I don’t move like I used to in any aspect  🙂 lol.

Here is the sneak peek at what I am about to tackle, wish me luck ! 🙂 when I finish my little sample/practise piece I will be able to put in a couple of hours each morning on the kit. I have quite a few projects on the go as it is, but what’s one more EH? 🙂

sneak peek

sneak peek

I got so excited about the whole idea of getting back into cross stitch I made a new pin cushion to mark the event. Yes I know, it’s an obsession 🙂


I think this should be a good year for getting unfinished projects done and getting at the things I’ve been wanting to do.

So from snowy cold Alberta, Canada…Thanks for dropping by and happy crafting…….Izz


January 8, 2014 · 3:46 PM

February 2012

February the 4th and we are having a few sunny days, unusually mild for winters here.  Valentines Day just around the corner, I’ve been working on some special gifts, and without the creative, beautiful and a little quirky designs I don’t think the embroidery process would be as much fun. To see some of the characters come to life through the stitching of threads is amazing.  I’ve been stitching kitchen sassy to little monsters. All it takes is a colour change and it gives the design a whole new attitude. The winter seems to be going quite fast,  I suppose when one is keeping themselves busy that happens. I feel energized by moving the sewing room and getting more organized, I’m very happy with the results. There’s more storage, placing my work table in front of the window was a good choice. I’ve noticed in some pictures and instructional videos that the work table seems to be about 36″ high. I will have to put that on my “to do list” for the spring. 🙂 and having a table that’s more sturdy for the embroidery machine would be nice too. I’ve read that having a table that shakes with the machine affects the finally stitching. There are times I do agree with that. Good time to plan those kinds of projects.

Here is a peak at one of this weekend’s projects. Looks like a good hug to me !!

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