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That’s The Thing About Handmade Gifts….


Greetings 2013.  Yes, I’m back. I feel like I have climbed out from under a huge stack of fabric. Well, actually that’s not so far from the truth. Making gifts for the kids this year was done early in the fall since we flew out to see them. Chenille quilts and pillows. I wanted pics of it all too and I am hoping to get some loaded up to the blog very soon.

I had to put a halt on the quilt top I was working on to get the kid’s projects done.I seem to have caught my second wind during the holidays.It was nice to have some down time. Bought a couple of cook books and tried some new dishes.  I have even rearranged the sewing room! GASP Which brings me to the thing everyone (most everyone) seems to do at the beginning of the year. The dreaded New Years resolution. If I don’t call it a resolution, maybe “a project”, would it seem so bad? I guess a rose by any other name is still a rosy resolution :). Mine is to clean up all the UFOs ( unfinished objects) in the sewing room. Yes, I heard the collective gasp from all the knitters, quilters and yes  you hiding behind your embroidery machines. 😉 I have far too many piles of things to do. I go to the shop with the intention of buying only what I need. There’s the operative word 🙂 Is it possible to do that, walk in and buy only what you need, say its a spool of thread or a pack of needles and not look around? Not for me it isn’t haha. I either see the new colour of sock yarn I saw online or the new line out from my fav fabric designers … sigh.. an hour and a half later it’s all over but the swiping of the card.

photo photohat photomitt

Socks and scarves have been knitted for the winter and a hat or two, and I’m a slow knitter by the way ! But I just couldn’t seem to get back into writing, and that’s another hobby that I always did enjoy. I tried a couple of times but its wasn’t coming out like I wanted. Think I’ll blame it on the fibro this time . I do love to read the posts of my fellow bloggers. Although  don’t always comment I do enjoy your latest projects and news. You are faithful in your writing and so well written. I hope I keep up the writing this time. 🙂
Having a blog where you can show case your handy work is a wonderful thing. I’m really do enjoy this “outlet” for my needlework. I have always had my hands busy either knitting or sewing. And now being so far away from family , I still want to show the “kids” my latest project or have their opinion on something new. Whether its colour or theme of fabric, especially when the “project ” is for one of them. 🙂 I have emailed and texted pictures of the fabric choices that I have found in the local fabric shop. I want to post pictures of the latest works in progress but I don’t want to spoil any surprises. So I have waited quite a while to get these pictures up. I did stitch up a sampler of sorts.



I was curious how a cotton fabric chenille quilt would look, but I didn’t want to make the big investment of fabric and then not be happy about the finished item. I gathered a few pieces from the stash and spent an afternoon cutting, sewing and more cutting. As it turns out I am very happy with my sampler .

And I picked up this great little gadget- A Chenille Cutter.DSC_0335 DSC_0338

I have also decided to repurpose some of the felted wool bags. Yes, they will be cut up for smaller projects, cruel I know but they are sitting in the cupboard with out a home. I have this idea that the felted wool fabric will make much better pot holders since the wool is naturaly heat resitant. See? I’m doing it again…creating more projects..lol  Have a wonderful day all.



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