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Pink Pinwheel Happy Dance

Doing a happy dance here over pinwheels and hoping I don’t throw a hip 😉 I’m pretty pleased with how the pink pinwheels turned out…I quilted on the light pinks and left the dark to puff out. I have already washed the quilt as I used quilters chalk to help guide me as I quilted.



And as I mentioned in the last post about the pink pinwheels, I had originally chose a dark border..well that didn’t work out so onto the internet and see what I could find in a matching batik..not a good plan…but…I got very lucky and found a small print that went perfectly with all the other fabrics. Believe me..my lesson has been learned 🙂




I can’t wait to give this quilt to N, she has been very patient with old Mom  lol  I definitely need more practice in the free motion quilting, but with every quilt ( not that I make many lol) I think I’m improving a little . Its quite a physical job too, wrestling with a quilt! some days I win and some days, I take a break 🙂


Thanks so much for dropping in… I hope you have a great week and weekend crafting at what makes you happy.

Izz 🙂



April 15, 2016 · 9:39 AM

Pink Pinwheels

This quilt seems in perfect theme right now with all the blustery days we have been having. Although I wouldn’t stand out in the gales of wind with a pinwheel 🙂  I had started this back in January, getting in a few hours here and there. But lets start at the beginning when it was just pieces of fabric…lovely pink batiks. I started cutting each colour in 5 1/2″ squares ( 13.5cm) then cutting the squares diagonally, then assembling those triangles with lights and darks

pink pinwhells

I’ll tell you what a pack rat I am  lol  I bought this fabric while we were still in Alberta and had intensions of making this quilt last spring… perseverance pays off  🙂 so if I run out of fabric … I’m in trouble …Yikes

Each pinwheel block is about 10″ square (25 -26cm)

pink pinwheels3

pink pinwheels4

There was a lot of this…trimming up the corners

pink pinwheels1

And a lot of this… over 300 pieces..I stopped counting and kept sewing lol

pink pinwheels5

This is basically the line up I had planned with the help of this great App,  Quilt Wizard… its awesome… I took pics of the fabric I was using and created the blocks of the quilt.. I could arrange and rearrange these pieces. I have been using it with every quilt project for the last couple of years 🙂 …and if you can find a pic online of your fabric its even better.

pink pinwheels11

Of course minus the dark border. I thought it was going to look ok..but once I had all the pieces together I didn’t like it at all 😦     for another project?  ….On the top right of quilt I thought I would mix things up a little and turn dark triangle to dark triangle and then for the bottom left half I would assemble in proper pinwheel order.. the top right looks a little like an hour glass pattern is going on…

pink pinwheels6

pink pinwheels7

Once the real assembly started I could see the arrangement was going to work. After many more hours of sewing and attaching the 3″ (7cm) border I had a square quilt top… and since I had decided to leave off the larger border 😦 the finished measurements have been thrown off…. epic fail ???? not quite   ….

pink pinwheels8

Some help from my trusty seam riper and hocus pocus (and a few other words that I’ll leave out) lol …luckily I had lots of triangles…I kept cutting and sewing until I used it all……might as well use it up was my thinking…. but not always a good idea…right? .What I had left over wouldn’t have been enough for binding or a border so I’m not going to worry about it. I took the bottom border off and a few stitches from either side and added ..in sequence ..another row of pinwheels…  now I don’t have so much left over…But I do have a dilemma  … binding 😦   so much for well laid plans eh?   I will come up with something, I already have been looking online for a batik the comes very closed to the mix of pinks ….. in the meantime I have some quilting to do. I have a couple of ideas on how I want to do the free motion quilting… I always practice on cheap broad cloth first. That will keep me busy while I decide what to do about binding.

pink pinwheels9

Now the quilt top measures about 65″ X 74″ ( I think thats about 165.5cm X 191.5cm ? ) sorry  I am old school with my measurements and my metric is a little off. All in all I am quite proud of this one…I took my time and got the corners right and matched the seams 🙂

I think there may be more pinwheels in the future lol

Sew…until I finished the Pink Pinwheels, Have a great week crafting at what makes you happy 🙂




March 23, 2016 · 9:45 PM