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Update: Scrap Basket Blooms ….Tulip Appliqués

Just a quick update on how the appliqué work is going. I haven’t made as much progress as I hoped I would because knitting took up some time ;). Here Is where the scrap baskets started. I have one block finished and the second one very close to finished. As you can see the berries aren’t as round as they should be, I’m learning as I go 😉 and know what Not to do on the second panel . 

I’m enjoying this stitching a lot. It’s portable, relaxing and I can sit and stitch my work almost anywhere…..that there is good lighting  🙂 

Thanks for dropping by and have a great week crafting at what makes you happy.




March 26, 2017 · 6:40 PM

Tea Time Table Runner

Another day and another finish… (doing my old woman happy dance) LOL  now there’s something I won’t get out of my head ha ha 🙂

This little project started back in Dec, when I received a gift in the mail from one of my blog buddies Avis at Oh Sew Temptingteacuprunner

A beautiful hand made card and a charm pack of pretty blue and white prints. They are so adorable . Thank you again Avis ! Now , my dilemma , what to do with them ? I really wanted the project to do this pretty pack of prints justice and it wasn’t long before I had my inspiration. teacuprunner2

I had been wanted to machine embroidery these adorable bunnies in tea cups on a table runner or table cover, something to brighten up the kitchen. Between working on the pinwheel quilt and the BOM this year, why not keep with that theme? I was getting brave sewing squares and making triangles and hour glass blocks 🙂 Of course I had to plan this out, I did not want to run shy of blocks. I folded the fabric this way and that and turned the pieces around trying to get a good visual. I do scribble on paper and all that but there is nothing like having the fabric in hand when I am planning or designing. Its also what I do with the embroidery threads, I get a handful of spools and put them together to see if they and going mix or separate like oil and water.


I had plenty of print blocks and white pieces …whew:) I did add some white around each block and along the sides. Now at this point I had a moment of indecision about the binding and bending Avis’ ear a little lol I got back to sewing. 🙂 I think the solid blue binding set everything off nicely and I got a chance to use the binding tool on the Bernina so its a plus all around 🙂


Me being worried about running out of fabric.. ha , I had enough left to make 4 mug mats with one each of the print to spare and 2 or 3 white pieces. those will be kept safe 😉 I am a hoarder of keepsakes you know.


Tea anyone ? Thanks so much for dropping by and I hope you have a great week crafting at what makes you happy.



June 8, 2016 · 11:24 AM

Block of The Month 2016 – June

Happy Dancing ….June Borders are on the the quilt  !!! YEAH!.. and the  2016 Craftsy BOM Garden Charm Quilt top is complete I am so happy with how it all turned out. So much colour , it also help me put a big dent into my stash 🙂  I probably won’t get it quilted  until fall..ish 🙂 but that’s ok I have a lot to fill up the summer months . This was a wonderful online class and Lynette Jenson did a great job. The class materials were very clear and her instructions were easy to understand. The beginning was here in January and grew to a huge quilt of 92″ X 83″ (233.68cm X 210.82cm) I hope I got the metric right. I had to make a couple of adjustments with the borders since I was using from my stash and wouldn’t you know it, I didn’t have quite enough black to cut the outside border to match the class materials. Which is really ok because there is plenty of overhang with this quilt.  I have learned a lot from this class about patchwork. patterns that involved triangles and techniques that I may not have tried otherwise or muddled through terribly lol  I’m one of those people that if you tell me I will forget but show me I will remember . I love that old saying and it definitely fits 🙂 I am so happy with this quilt top I really want to make another one…not right away of course lol its just that I enjoyed the learning of it and the great results.




Thank you so much for dropping in. I hope you have  great week crafting at what makes you happy.

Izz 🙂






June 6, 2016 · 11:54 AM

Block of The Month 2016 – May

Beautiful May, and with May is the BOM and on time !! Now isn’t that great lol  I had to burn the mid night oil to get this one done and I’m glad I did. With the long weekend coming up and company coming 🙂 I had to straighten up the sewing room, I think I may have to bunk someone in there lol. I seem to spread out my projects when I’m working and this is a project that needs a lot of room !

I tried to get a good pic of this months work but the wind just won’t stop blowing, well not until today when I don’t have an assistant lol  and when the wind isn’t blowing the black flies are biting 😦 so its not a good idea to complain about the wind too much.

Here is the windy stage of May..The Modified Piano Key border. 112 – 2.5″ X 8.5″(6cm X 22cm) strips and 224 – 2.5″ (6cm) squares, plus the Ohio Star Blocks that were made back in February . Right now the quilt measures 68.5″ X 76.5″ (174cm X 194.3cm)

This project started back in January with the centre of the quilt and Ive been building out each month with the free Craftsy class 2016 Craftsy Block of The Month. I have put quite a dent into my stash but I really think I could get another one of theses out of my stash 😮  lol  There are 2 more borders to go and June will see those finished.




Sew…until then…Thanks so much for dropping by and have a great weekend crafting at what makes you happy.

Izz 🙂


May 20, 2016 · 10:49 AM

Block of the Month 2016 – February

Hi, Just popping in to post about part 2 – February’s block. Its been a good learning experience for me, since I have little experience in quilting. I have watched a lot of very helpful videos and through trial and error and believe me I have had a lot of errors 🙂 Keeping the seam ripper handy at all times lol. But this particular project has got me excited about quilting and given me a good jump start that I needed. Here in January I posted about the first part of this project.

Here is the next part, the Saw Tooth Border and the Green border.

Feb BOM 20162

Next was assembling the Ohio Star blocks

Feb BOM 2016

there are 8 of them that get used later in the quilt.

Feb BOM 20161

Now March seems so far off, but I do have lots to keep me busy 🙂

Have a great weekend crafting at what makes you happy and Happy Valentines Day to you all



February 13, 2016 · 12:02 PM

Trick or Treat!!!!!

Hello and welcome to the witching hour post on All Hallows’ Eve. The ghouls have started knocking on the door and the night air is very crisp. So bundle up and get your treat bag ready 🙂

I’m going to start with colourful spider webs and little orange spiders, not because they are my favourites , not at all but because you have to start with something to put all the treats in before the goblins  come to the door.

This is a supper easy project that my daughter found on the internet and after she had made a couple…well I had to give it a go too 🙂 . I used 2 pieces of fabric the same size ….in spooky colours of course , multi coloured spider webs and an eerie swirl of purple. ..I cut these two fabrics 20″ square and a piece of quilt batting the same size. 8 pieces of ribbon- 6 ” long.




I placed fabric right sides together and then the batting and trimmed the batting to size. I stitched all the way around the fabric ( 1/4″ seam) Placing the ribbon on the insides 5 1/4 ” from each corner and leaving a 6 ” opening to turn the fabric and batting. After turning everything right side out and pressing it with a steam iron, I top stitched around the edge and stitched a grid pattern 5 inches from each edge



I love the swirling pattern in the purple!



   Next, its time to tie the ribbons together on each corner and there you have an easy and awesome spooky fabric basket. This would work with any fabric theme and I’m already thinking of the next season and how they would make great gifts !!



Oops , I should be more careful where I put the treats down at !! It seems to have landed on a witch!!!

This one is an “in the hoop machine embroidery” using crafting felt. The design first stitches a die line, so you know where to place the felt cut-out (pattern for the boot is printed out before hand). Once the die line has stitched and the felt is in place, I stitched the design block by block co ordinating the colours in the boot with the cotton fabric I had cut out for the legs. ( 3 1/4 ” X21″) ..while the boot design is stitching I stuff the legs firmly with polyfill, making the legs stiff enough to stand upside down with the boots on.


The boots are also stuffed a little to give that special affect! After both boots are stitched I hand sew the boot to the leg lining up the seam of the leg with the back of the boot..You know thats important to get the stocking seam straight !! LOL






Here I have a few finished witches legs.  I posted on the local buy and sell. Next year this time I hope to have a enough stock for a table full at the local craft market, something I haven’t done in a while and I think it’s time 🙂



Thanks for dropping in, I hope you have a safe and Happy Halloween

Izz 🙂



October 31, 2015 · 4:39 PM

Autumn In All its Colours

Hello and Welcome. As you can see I am playing catch up with my blogging. I have spent a couple of days at the computer writing and getting the photos ready for posting. Is it me or does everyone else suddenly look up from their computer and see that 2 hours have past by??  So much time I could be in the sewing room LOL  No wonder I begrudge planting myself here and writing LOL  Oh well , not like I’m going anywhere else but up to the sewing room. This season I think I will be taking a slower pace… yes..I have a big project ahead that I do not want to rush..no I’m not giving any hints ha ha. I also have a project that needs finishing..yes  The Lord’s Prayer Sampler…

So for today, and getting to the end of October, I thought I should post the autumn colours I have worked on..Now some of these are from last fall and I know, I hear the gasps out there in the crowd lol  I was so sure I had posted them before that I went looking for them…don’t you hate looking for something that won’t be found ?? So I’m going to lump all the autumn colours into one basket like a big piles of leaves … and please don’t get me going on leaves…mercy!  When we arrived back home after our visited in Nova Scotia , we had such a yard full of leaves on the ground, I thought the clean up was never going to end.

Let’s start with last years quilted centre pieces. The first one is about 42″ square, I like to use, as you can tell by now 🙂  a combination of patchwork and machine embroidery. The leaves on the corners and the circle of fall flowers are machine embroidered. At the time I managed a little free motion quilting in the larger fabric spaces.







This next one is a table runner with a cute country style bow and pumpkin. This pattern came from one of my quilting magazines. If my memory serves me correctly, its about 48″ long.



Also trying my hand/ machine at free motion quilting here and there on the runner.

falldecor1This is a cute piece and at special request. I added the trailing pumpkin to a candle cozy. I used a small button and embroidery floss for the tie. A couple of wraps around the button on the back and its done 🙂

photo 3-1


I was trying something new …for me anyway, the pattern name escapes me right now ??But getting the pieces sewn together and arranged was like putting a puzzle together. I rearranged them 3 times, lol third times a charm they say lol. And I made the table runner reversible. As you can see I tried my hand at free motion quilting on these with the help of my Bernina’s BSR foot. Now if I could just keep my hands steady I think I could do a better job ! Oh yes , these are this years sewing project , so I’m not completely behind …





I saw this cute idea on the web too. Mini pillows with crazy looking pumpkin heads on it, I made some with plaid fabric and some with up-cycled jeans and scraps of felted wool fabric and old buttons, I can never throw buttons away ! The plaid pumpkin heads (lol) are from this year’s crop! 🙂   They are great in a basket or for a shelf sitter.  They are about 4 1/2″ square when finished, its one of those things that you can make it any size you like.





A couple of pumpkin filagree hand towels for the kitchen.





This next one is a combination of the good old penny rugs that I love and machine embroidery. The leaf designs are very dense and the cotton fabric I tried a sew out on bunched up and just didn’t work out. Needless to say I didn’t complete the sew out. That’s when I came up with the idea to machine embroider onto the wool fabric.. its sturdy and has already been preshrunk. I stitched the leaves with words on first and filled in with leaves and acorns stitched on in a blanket stitch, typical for penny rug construction. I added “pennies to the edging. I made it so it would fit our hallway table.







Now from this years pumpkin crop sprang these Halloween treats! Just in time for the big night of ghost and goblins. Ok a little dramatic I know …. I’ve been at the computer way too long LOL

I’m showing you these wall hangings/ table centre pieces unfinished as they were the last thing I was sewing together before packing for the trip east. And once we arrived, well with all the hugs and how are you and look what I made for you, I didn’t get any finished pics.. But I’m sure you all have a great imagination and can invision these all sewn up with black spider and cob web fabric as backing and trim 🙂

halloween1 halloween2 halloween3 halloween5


Here’s hoping you all have a Happy and safe Halloween. And don’t take any rotten apples !!!  🙂





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