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Knit fast and stay warm….

Hello and welcome… I have to say that I love that saying… no I didn’t make it up lol.. but I love using it…. and that’s pretty much what I’ve been up to lately and I’m still knitting.. as well as a couple other forms of stitchery , which I wish was witchery..lol say that three times fast lol 🙂   Maybe I have too many needles in the pin cushion… or getting myself tied up in a knot over all the needlework I have on the go ?…ok ok  a stitch too far, I know. I think I’m “starting ” to get giddy or tired? lol  But I’m not complaining because I love to knit and I’m often guilty of picking up a new project before I’ve finished the first one… why do we do that ??  My first “finish” was a basic hat embellished with a large button and cable fingerless gloves in a beautiful Natural Heather by Patons Yarns in their Classic Wool. A soft yarn and very nice to work with. ( I apologize for the pics one seems to be darker than the other, but the hat is more of the true colour of the yarn )

Both patterns are free at  Yarnspirations.com  -:Effortless Beanie”, I shortened up the ribbing at special request. And  “Fingerless Gloves”



Next up is a cable hat for myself.. I thought it was time 🙂   in Briggs & Little , Regal 2 ply, 100 % pure wool in the colour Plum, and made in New Brunswick . I’ve had this pattern book for a long time and I enjoy knitting this pattern. I love cables and this one knits up quickly. I will be knitting the mitts in this book to match and the scarf as well but I will be mixing in a lovely Lilac colour.


Sorry that one pic is brighter than the other, as of posting time I have this much done…But of course I have stopped to start a pair of wool mitts that the smallest grandson is in need of… cold weather has set in….



This is another Wool yarn from Briggs & Little, Heritage in Royal Blue. This pattern for mitts and hats is also free at Yarnspirations.com  ( striped basic hat and mittens)  There’s a local shop that carries plenty of this yarn so I am a very happy knitter 🙂  I love the idea of using local resources and since New Brunswick is our neighbouring province…well ..how great is that??  As soon as I finish posting I’m back to knitting on the mitts.. can I get them finished before the night is out??


And apparently I speak quite often about my love of knitting and how much I am enjoying knitting with Briggs & Little yarns because for my birthday last month… yes I have been that obsessed with knitting I haven’t posted about my wonderful birthday present my Hubby gave me… a big beautiful bouquet of………. yes ..yarn  … 10 skeins in all   lol  and every one a different colour!!  I couldn’t wait to get them all wound and neatly stacked 🙂  I added in 5 others that I already had including the Plum and Lilac. Some will be hats and some mitts and I haven’t decided on all of them but aren’t they just a lovely sight !!  This winter should be a quieter winter, ( except for the quiet clicking of knitting needles) while we are pretty well settled in here on the beautiful coast of Nova Scotia , I will be able to think more on knitting and needlework instead of packing and moving. As much as I love sewing and other forms of needlework, knitting has to be my favourite,  its soothing and the idea of creating a garment of warmth….just makes me all fuzzy inside 🙂


Thank you for dropping in I hope you are enjoying your week doing what you love…







December 7, 2015 · 6:38 PM

Granny Squares

Good day all. Hope everyone has had a crafty winter. Spring is here, well it’s supposed to be, although it doesn’t look like it with all the mounds of slushy snow and cold temperatures here in Alberta.   No wonder I had the urge to crochet a couple of throws, one right after the other :). This one is made up of 2 sizes of granny squares.

watermark grannysquare1

Using a medium weight yarn, I worked 3 rounds on the small squares and 7 rounds on the large squares. Knowing now I would have worked 6 rounds on the large ones. Patterns are just a guide line when it comes to granny squares for me. sometimes my work is tight and somedays I crochet a little loose. All in all I am happy in the results. I had plenty of yarn to work 4 rows around the edge of the throw.

watermark grannysquare5

watermark grannysquare4

watermark grannysquare3

Thanks for dropping in and have a great day.



March 17, 2013 · 9:15 PM

Medallion in Crochet

Hi there everyone.. its been brought to my attention that it’s been 2 years now since I started my blog here on WordPress.  Yeah me!   I haven’t always been diligent about posting and have gone through a couple of learning curves but I have enjoyed posting my work and sharing with other like minded crafters as yourselves.


My latest accomplishment is this crocheted throw made with medallions. It originally started out as a knitted throw about 3 years or more ago. I had unravelled it a couple of times and started over due to mistakes too large to ignore or say it added character. The pattern allowed for very little improvised character and having trouble with my hands caused me to put it away all this time. During a clean up of the sewing room I decided it would get unravelled one more time. This decision did not come lightly, the pattern was 4 “trees of life” across 150 plus stitches. Once I started pulling and rewinding the yarn it made the process much easier and I started thinking about what I was going to do with all this yarn. I’m sure most of you may know the feeling of sitting down with a pile of books and magazines and page after page looking for that just right project. There it was in a crochet magazine that had been given to me as a gift a few years ago. I had used this pattern before and was very happy to rediscover it 🙂


With fingers crossed that I had enough yarn. (quite often my dilemma) The yarn called for in the pattern was of slightly different weight and yardage then what I had on hand. Mine had more yardage per ball of yarn so I was in hopes that I could squeak by once again. 🙂  It took me about 3 weeks to crochet the 64 medallions then stitch them together. Roughly one and quarter balls of yarn left to make the edging ..Yikes!  Can I do it ?….


As my luck would have it, I did come up short. Thank goodness for improvisation ! I had on hand a Sea Blue for another throw ( coming soon) and liked the contrast between the two colours. It took an entire ball of that yard plus 4 feet from another to finish the edging on this throw. Being a glass half full kind of gal I’m going to say I was lucky.

I’m actually more happy with the results having added another colour to the edge. Somethings you just can’t question 🙂


Thanks for dropping by, have a wonderful day and happy crafting


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February 25, 2013 · 1:34 PM