The Thread

Accent Pillows are made from 100% cotton fabric and combinations of cotton muslin and poly/cotton linen fabric.

Sweet Dreams Moon/ Lavender Clouds 10″ x 12″

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep Pillow 8″ X 10″ 100% Cotton Cover

Wild Rose Pillow 6276 7″ X 9″ Poly/cotton linen cover , button closure on back

Barn Swallow Pillow9297 10″ X 10″. 100% Cotton cover, button closure on back

Stoney Path Pillow 10″ X 10″ / Dark Green Plaid Accent Fabric on Outer Edge, button closure on back

“Dad’s Grill” on white

Full view of BBQ apron in white with motif

“Chillin & Grillin” on white

Alberta Beef on white apron

“Chillin & Grillin” on black

“All Fired Up” on black

Grill Master on white

All Fired Up – on white

“I’m just chillin and grillin”on white & “Dad’s Grill” on white

Wayne is The Grill Master – Blk

The BBQ aprons made great summer time gifts. There were a couple of custom ones I didn’t get photos of. They are made of heavy denim and will wash and wear for a long time.

Halloween and time for some spooky projects…

Trick or Treat bag that I made for my Grandson. He loves it.

This pillow shows 2 pictures in one. It’s a Raven standing amoung dead trees and a skeleton’s face.. can you see it?

This peice I mounted on an artist canvas to give it a vintage look

A fun little trick or treat bag for your goodies.

Black cat and pumpkin wall hanging.

Close up of the Black cat and pumpkin wall hanging.

Trick or Treat bag or decorative Halloween accent peice

Country Snowman Table Runner

Country Snowman Table Runner . panel close-up

Country Snowman Table Runner ” Let it Snow”

This Country Snowman Table Runner is approx 20″ X 42″. I stitched 6 different Country Snowmen on off white Heritage cotton, the alternate panels are snowflake pattern with a plain dark red on the border. With the Hyperfont program I created “Let it Snow” on the border of the runner. I used a font called Curlz MT.

Filagree Christmas Design Pot Holders

Elf and Snowman in the Kitchen Pot Holders

GingerBread Man Pot Holder

Shaker Houses Pot Holders

Of all the things that I have sewn I think this is the first time I have made potholders. I’m quite pleased with the way they turned out.

Dear Santa Placemat

Close up of Star Cookie design on the “Dear Santa” Placemat

The “Dear Santa” Placemat was a fun project to make. It was special for my Grandson. The cookie designs look so real you want to pick them up and take a bite! But ! They are for Santa Claus !!   LOL I added some Christmas theme buttons to add just a little sparkle.

Reindeer and Candy Cane Candle Wrap

Also my first attempt at a Candle Wrap with Reindeer and Candy Canes. it has a bell and ribbon on the back so it will fit most any candle.

Filagree Cat Pillow

Filagree Raven Pillow

These are both 16″ X 16″ pillows ( without the edging)

Close up of Pillow

Canadian Cottage Pillow

Irish Dance Trio on Musical Theme Fabric Pillow

Wolf Filagree Pillow

This is a 16″ X 16″ Pillow ( without the edging)

Any Day Spend Sewing Is A Good Day

Fabric Book- Front Cover

Fabric Book – Inside 1

Fabric Book – Inside 2

Fabric Book – Inside 3

Fabric Book- Back Cover

The Fabric book of Paddington Bear was a fun little project. The pieces were on a panel with instructions. The only other thing I needed was the batting. Before I sewed the back and front pieces together I stitched this in the label that was already printed on the back panel. I used “Andy” font in the Hyperfont program and lined it up in the hoop.

Blue Willow Birds on tea towel

Blue Willow Design on dish cloth

I recieved a nice tea towel set and stitched Blue Willow designs on them. I matched the blues that were in the tea towel and dish cloth.

Winter is For The Birds

January 29th , getting a little bit of snow, tempatures are bouncing up and down this winter. This project made me feel warmer this winter. The colours and the winter birds cuddled together while icicles hand from the branches. The birds that do stay for the winter are coming by the dozens at the bird feeders. Not a great picture , sorry

Boy’s Denim Tool Apron

I stitched the Octopus Hug on off white flannel and made a round cushion. I stuffed it lightly so it was be very comfy. I used the purple, yellow and bluse fabric for the sides and back.

The Boy’s Denim Tool Apron was a special gift for my Grandson. I stitched the tools with faces on the denim before I sewed it all together.

This is a special bath towel for my grandson, I can’t wait for him to see it!

From The Kitchen

I love Blue Willow dishes and I think this makes an awesome addition to my collection of Blue !

This made a great set of Waffle Weave Tea Towels with shaker houses on them.

                                         This make a nice trio of tea towels of sage greens and tan.

This kitchen set is made with a brown plaid and lined with a nutural colour with a small pattern. The panels are off white heritage cotton. On the toaster I combined 2 designs. I was able to copy and paste these designs together with my Singer Futura XL 400. I copied and flipped the heart design for the mirror image. “Saved design as” so I can use it for future projects if needed. The wall hanging on the right was created with Futura Hyper Font Program and the same heart design. I downloaded the font “Curlz” which is great for the “Country ” theme. With the Hyper Font Program I can turn any True Type Font that is on my PC into embroidery.

Live, Love,Laugh placemats . Made with a light brown stripe cotton and a contrasting darker brown stary cotton fabric.

“A Home is Made of Love & Dreams” cushion.

“Home is Where you Story Begins” Table Runner


I made a few bag from this design. This one is a very cute Batik fabric with a co ordinating fabric for the handles and one of the zippered pouches.  I tried my hand at free hand quilting on this one ( check out The Sewing Room) for details. The 2 bags below are made from white twill fabric, embelished with machine embroidered fronts and lined with a colourful fabric.


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